서울발 오클랜드행 항공 예약하라고 메일이 왔네요

서울발 오클랜드행 항공 예약하라고 메일이 왔네요

8 3,261 Gratitude
뉴질랜드로 귀국 희망하시는 교민분들 빨리 예약하시면 좋을것 같네요
이번 일요일 출발합니다

Message to all Kiwis in Korea


Kia ora tatou


We are reaching out to all New Zealanders in Korea who have registered on SafeTravel to update you on what the embassy is doing to help in the current Covid-19 situation.


As you know, we face a highly complex situation all around the world, with flights limited, border restrictions and lockdowns in many countries including New Zealand.  The New Zealand Government’s advice is that New Zealanders overseas should make plans to safely stay where they are, shelter in place, and follow the instructions of local health authorities.

Korean health authorities’ advice on COVID-19 can be found here: www.mohw.go.kr/eng/


The New Zealand Government is committed to helping New Zealanders overseas where it can and is exploring all possible options in consultation with partners. However, the situation is complicated and changing quickly, and some things are beyond our control. Government-assisted departure flights should not be relied upon to get home. Where New Zealanders have the option of travelling commercially to get to New Zealand (such as from Korea) they should seriously pursue that, or shelter in place.


Air New Zealand have today announced a direct flight will operate from Seoul to Auckland this Sunday 12 April, and is now available for booking. The flight details are listed below.  If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, please proceed to the Air New Zealand website to book as a one-way journey (Korean - https://www.airnewzealand.co.kr & English - https://www.airnewzealand.kr).

Flight number: NZ1392

Date: Sunday 12 April

Time: Departing Incheon International Airport at 1650 on Sunday 12 April, arriving at Auckland International Airport at 0715 on Monday 13 April.


As you will know, New Zealand is currently at Level 4 and everyone must stay home.  All New Zealanders considering travelling to New Zealand should check the arrival and self-isolation requirements in place as a result of COVID-19. More information is available here: https://covid19.govt.nz/individuals-and-households/travelling-and-moving-around/imminent-or-recent-arrivals/


In particular please note thatall travelers entering New Zealand from overseas from midnight 9 April 2020 are required to undergo fourteen days of isolation in managed isolation in government-provided facilities (hotel) in the city they arrive into, either Auckland or Christchurch.  It is no longer an option to self-isolate at home, or to take a regional flight before the 14 day period is completed.  Further details can be found on this website: https://covid19.govt.nz/individuals-and-households/travelling-and-moving-around/imminent-or-recent-arrivals/


Please note: the flight is only bookable to Auckland as connecting travel onto the Air New Zealand domestic network isn’t possible at this time.


We are aware that other commercial flights continue to operate in and out of Seoul.  We understand that flights to New Zealand are currently available, for example via Los Angeles and Doha, but are indirect, lengthy and often expensive.  We urge those New Zealanders who want to return to New Zealand to talk to their travel agents and airlines to work out how best they can return home.  We are trying to keep track of available flights on our Facebook page – check out



In addition to the Air New Zealand flight mentioned above, we understand that a number of direct dedicated charter flights from New Zealand to Korea are being organised in April.  We do not know at this stage if airlines will sell seats on the Seoul-Auckland sector of these flights.  These flights to Korea have been made because of travel restrictions in place currently within New Zealand which make it difficult for Koreans to return home.


If you are concerned about your ability to stay safely where you are (for example, if you are worried about accommodation options, access to food, medicine or essential services) we encourage you to contact the New Zealand Embassy.  The Embassy’s details are:

Tel | +82 2 370 17700

Website | mfat.govt.nz

Fax | +82 2 370 17701

Email | nzembsel@mfat.net

Office hours | Mon-Fri 0900-1230 and 1330-1730

Notarial services hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1200


We encourage all New Zealanders overseas to register on SafeTravel for important updates: www.safetravel.govt.nz


The New Zealand Embassy in Seoul continues to be open as usual (see hours above), though we are operating with a reduced team in the office, with most of our people working from home in line with Korean Government guidelines.  We will continue to look at options to help New Zealanders return home where this is possible and can be done safely. We will also continue to provide consular advice and assistance to New Zealanders wherever they find themselves during this pandemic crisis.


General information about the New Zealand Government’s COVID-19 response is here: https://covid19.govt.nz


Keep safe, and kia kaha.
가격이 뉴질발 절반수준(77.4만) 에어뉴질랜드 직판으로 마일리지도 적립되는것 같더군요
수요의 문제일테니 한국에 있는 키위들은 한국에 남기로 결정한듯 합니다
이런 정보 올려주셔서 감사드려요. 전 연말에 꼭 가야하는 사람인데..
그때쯤이면 특별기가 아니어도 다 열리길 희망합니다 . 이걸보니 막힌속이 좀 뚫리네요
가격도 비싸질 않네요.
정말 싸다.뉴잘랜드 상공회소와 한국 뉴질랜드 대사관이 힘쓴결과 군요
아 이거 혹시.. 토욜 크라이스트쳐치 출발, 오클랜드 경유 한국 갔다가 다음날 돌아 오는 비행기 아닐까요?
아뭏튼 잘 됐네요 한국서 오실 분들에게는..
그런데 오늘 자정 도착 부터는 2주 강제격리 하는 건 아시고 오셔야 할 듯 하네요
₩773,000 인천-오클랜드 편도가격이네요.
한국가는거랑 가격차이가 왜이렇게 많이 나는걸까요ㅠ
이왕 가는걸로 예약 되어 있는 비행기..
빈자리로 오느니 돌아 오시는 분 들 태워
오셔서 그런거 아닐까요?
2주 강제격리 빼고는 돌아 오시는
분들에게는 최고의 희소식 이겠군요
가시는 분들, 오시는 분들 모두 건강하시기 바랍니다
이거는 뉴질랜드 시민권자만 탑승 가능인거죠?
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38879 한국 대학교 nzqa인증?
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38878 Work and income 한국인직원
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38874 physics 선생님 구합니다.
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38870 대출 상담은 어떻게..?
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38869 과탄산소다(sodium carbonate) 산소계표백제 어디서 팔아요?
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38868 6월27일 대한항공 전세기 관련...
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