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*환자들의 치료 소감

  Dr Nikki Blomfield(GP)의 추천서와 치료소감

I am a General Practitioner at Warkworth Medical Center. I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for the services of Dr Sonny Sun.
(저는 웍워쓰 메디컬 센터에 근무하는 GP입니다. 저는 닥터 써니 선의 치료에 대한 추천서를 쓰는 것에 대해 매우 기쁘게 생각합니다.)

My family has been grateful to utilize the acupuncture services of Sonny Sun for the past few months, for back, neck and shoulder pain. (저희 가족들은  허리와 목 어깨 치료에 대한 선선생님의 지난 몇 달간의 침술치료를 감사하게 생각합니다.)

My husband and I have experienced significant improvements after Sonny’s treatments, and our daughter has had complete resolution of her shoulder injury.(저와 제 남편은 선선생님의 치료를 받고 엄청난 개선을 경험했고,   제 딸의 경우엔 그녀의 어깨부상이 완벽히 해결되었습니다.)

We are all appreciative of his attention to detail and the kind, caring environment of his clinic.(저희 모두는 그의 섬세하고 친절한  주의와 배려감 있는 그의 한의원 환경을 높이 평가합니다.)

I am impressed with his knowledge, intuition and experience in treating a number of different conditions and have always found Sonny to be very professional and respectful.(수 많은 상이한 질병을 다루는데 있어 그의 지식과 직감과 경험을 놀랍게 생각하고 있으며,  언제나 그가 매우 전문적이고 공손함을 느꼈습니다.)

I have also referred many patients from my practice, for acupuncture at Sonny’s clinic and found his treatments to be very effective.(저는 제 환자들을 선선생님의 한의원에 진료 의뢰를 해왔고, 그의 치료는 매우 효과적이었습니다.)

I highly recommend acupuncture treatment from Dr Sonny Sun.(저는 선금수 선생님의 침치료를 적극적으로 추천합니다.) 

Sincerely(경의를 표하며)

Dr Nikki Blomfield / 04.11.2013 

 Frozen Shoulder Syndrome(오십견)

My mother was suffering from a severe ‘Frozen Shoulder’ Syndrome for a very long time when we were advised to see Dr. Sun.
(닥터 선을 만나도록 권유를 받았을 때  어머니께서는 아주 오랫동안 심각한 오십견(동결견)을  앓고 계셨다)

It was my close friend who introduced his clinic to us and her mother was being treated by Dr. Sun with a very good progress.
 (그의 클리닉을 우리에게 소개한 사람은 나의 절친한 친구였는데, 친구 어머니께서는 아주 좋은 진전으로 닥터 선에게 치료를 받고 있다는 것이었다.)

So she was confident that he could help my mother with her right shoulder.(그래서 그 친구는 그가 내 어머니의 우측 어깨에 도움을 줄 수 있을 것으로 확신했다.)

My mother’s symptoms were: movement restriction, extremely sore shoulder, upper arm and neck, loss of appetite, sleep and energy due to the pain and it was getting worse and worse day by day.
(내 어머니의 증상들은: 운동의 제한,  어깨, 위쪽 팔과 목 부위에 극도의 통증, 통증으로 인한 식욕, 수면, 에너지의 감퇴 그리고 이러한 증상들은 점점 악화 되고 있었다.)

When she had been suffering for 3 months and couldn’t bear the pain any more even with the pain killers, I took her to a chiropractor who actually made her shoulder condition worse.
(어머니께서 3개월 동안 고통을 겪고 진통제를 복용했어도 더 이상 그 통증을 견딜 수가 없었을 때, 나는 어머니를 카이로프랙터에게 모시고 갔는데, 그가 사실은 어머니의 어깨 상태를 더욱 악화시켰다. )

We were seeing an acupuncturist recommended by the chiropractor without much progress when my friend came over to my place and told me about Dr. Sun.
(내 친구가 우리 집을 방문하여 닥터 선에 대해 말을 해 주었을 때, 우리는 그 카이로프랙터가 소개한 어떤 (중국인)한의사에게 치료를 받고 있었는데, 큰 진전이 없었다.)

After the 1st treatment, my mother’s shoulder moved better instantly, without any pain.
(첫 번째의 치료 후에, 아무런 통증 없이, 어머니의 어깨는 즉각적으로 더 많이 움직였다)
When she had been treated everyday for a week, her shoulder movements became more than half way back to normal and stiffness in her neck was gone.
(어머니께서 매일 1주일 동안 치료를 받았을 때, 어머니의 어깨 운동은 정상에서 반 이상 돌아왔고, 목의 뻣뻣함은 사라졌다)

Although there were still little restrictions to the movement there was no pain.
(비록 여전히 약간의 온동 제한이 있었지만 더 이상의 통증은 없었다)

She could sleep without waking up in the middle of the night and when she woke up she felt great and revitalized.
(어머니께서는 밤중에 (통증으로) 깨지 않고 잠을 잘 수 있었고 그리고 깨어났을 때에는 기분이 아주 좋았고 생동감을 느꼈다)

After 1 month almost all the movements came back, the pain never came back.
(거의 한 달 후 거의 모든 운동이 돌아왔고, 통증은 전혀 돌아오지 않았다.) 

 She could move her shoulder/arm freely.
(어머니께서는 어깨와 팔을 자유롭게 움직일 수 있으셨다.)

 What’s more her skin tone has brightened dramatically and age-related dark spots around her cheek bones were almost invisible.
(더욱이 어머니의 피부톤이 놀랍게 밝아졌고 어머니의 얼굴 광대뼈 부위에 기미가 거의 사라졌다)

 Even her hair was healthier, she looked years younger and happier.
(어머니의 머리카락 조차도 더 건강해졌고 어머니께서 몇 년은 더 젊게 보였고 더 행복해 보였다)

 But the most surprising thing was that her period came back.
(더욱 놀라운 사실은 어머니의 생리가 다시 돌아온 것이다)

My mother is a very healthy and happy person now.
(우리 어머니께서는 이제 매우 건강하고 행복하시다)

 Without Dr. Sun’s professional treatment she would still be living a very painful life.
(닥터 선의 전문적인 치료가 없었다면 어머니는 여전히 매우 아픈 삶을 사셨을 것이다)

 I don’t know how to thank Dr. Sun and all my family greatly appreciate him and his wife for all the help they gave us when we needed it most.
 (나는 닥터 선에게 어떻게 감사를 표해야 할지 모르겠고 우리 가족들 모두는 우리가 가장 도움이 필요할 때 그것을 준 것에 대해서 그와 그의 아내에게 대단한 감사를 느낀다.)

Jade / 4.2006

20 Year Addiction To Marijuana (20년 마리화나 중독)

I have been a patient of Dr Sun for 3 months.
(나는 3개월 동안 닥터 선의 환자였다)

I have had 37 treatments with Dr Sun to date.
(현재까지 닥터 선에게 37번의 치료를 받았다)

I had stopped a 20 year addiction to marijuana.
(나는 20년 중독된 마리화나를 끊었다)
 My symptoms were not sleeping, headaches, achy joints, emotional fluctuations, rage and depression, excessive sweating at night and low energy.
(나의 금단 현상은 불면증, 두통, 관절의 통증, 극단적인 감정의 변화, 격분과 우울증, 밤중에 극도의 땀 발생 그리고 기력의 저하였다)

After just one treatment I felt full of energy.
(단지 단 한번의 치료후에 나는 에너지의 충만감을 느꼈다)

 After getting 10 treatments from Dr Sun I noticed a huge change my headaches went away, my fits of rage and depression were significantly reduced.
(10번의 치료 후에 나의 두통이 사라졌고 나는 격분과 우울증이 굉장히 줄어든 것 등의 엄청난 변화를 알아 차렸다)

 My joint pain and body aches went away as did my cravings for marijuana.
(마리화나의 갈증이 사라진 것처럼 관절통증과 몸의 쑤심 현상이 사라졌다)

  My breathing has been helped drastically also my skin has become softer and more sensitive.
(나의 호흡이 대폭적으로 좋아졌고 또한 피부가 더 부드러워졌고 더 예민해졌다)

During this time Dr Sun gave me a list of foods that I should and shouldn’t have according to my constitutional makeup which I have followed.
( 닥터 선과 함께 할 동안 그는 내가 따랐던 내 몸 체질에 따라 내가 먹어야 하고 먹지 말아야 하는 음식표를 주었다)

My wife had a bad wrist and after one treatment the pain had gone.
(나의 아내도 손목이 매우 안 좋았는데 한 번의 치료 후에 그 통증이 사라졌다)

Dr Sun is always happy and very friendly, it has been a pleasure to be treated by him and I always look forward to my time with him.
(닥터 선은 항상 즐겁고 매우 친절하며, 그에게 치료를 받은 것이 즐거웠다. 나는 앞으로 그와 함께 할 시간이 항상 기대된다)

Adrian / 7. 2007

*이 환자는 <반지의 제왕>의  감독 피터 잭슨과 이 영화 제작당시 작업(소품제작- 조각)을 함께 한 뉴질랜드 Top 10 안에 드는 조각가인 바, 이 치료 후 정상적인 조각가의 삶으로 복귀하여, 현재도 웰링턴에서 영화제작을 함께 하고 있으며, 종종 근황을 전하고 있다 

Pre Menstrual Syndrome & Period Pain(15년 동안 고생한 생리전증후군과 생리통)

I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr Sun  with exceptional results.
(나는 닥터 선에게 특출한 결과의 침술 치료를 받았다)
I received treatment for Pre Menstrual Syndrome and back pain.
(나는 ‘생리전증후군(PMS)’과 허리 통증에 대해 치료를 받았다)

Before I started having treatment I had chronic pain for 15 years during my period and mental and emotional stress prior.
(치료를 받기 전에 나는 생리 동안과 생리 전에 정신상, 감정상 스트레스로 인한 15년간의 만성적 통증이 있었다)

After having acupuncture the pain and the pre menstrual tension significantly decreased.
(침술 치료를 받은 후에 그 통증과 생리전 긴장증상(PMT:두통, 골반의 불쾌 등)이 두드러질 정도로 상당히 줄어들었다)
Previously I would use pain relief medications during and prior to my periods but after having acupuncture I did not need to self medicate.
(이전에 나는 생리 동안과 생리 전에 진통제를 사용해야 했지만 침술 치료 후에는 자가 치료할 필요가 없었다)

The assessment Dr Sun undertakes each session is very thorough and helpful in all aspects of my daily living.
(닥터 선이 수행한 매 치료의 진단이 매우 철저했으며 나의 일상생활의 모든 부분에 도움이 되었다)

 I highly recommended Dr Sun to my friends and family.
(나는 내 친구들과 가족에게 닥터 선을 적극적으로 추천했다)

Joanne / 6. 2008


Severe  Lower Back Pain & Others(심각한 허리 통증과 여타 증상들)

I am very grateful for what you did for me.
(나는 당신이 내게 해준 것에 대해 매우 기쁘게 생각합니다)
When I came to you 2 months ago, I had continuously sharp back pain.
(내가 2달전 당신에게 왔을 때 나는 지속적이며 예리한 허리 통증이 있었습니다)
 Before I had treatments everywhere, weekly chiropractic, physiotherapy and normal massage.
(전에 나는 매 주 카이로프랙터, 물리치료사 그리고 보통 맛사지 등 여러 곳에서 치료를 받았습니다 )
 Sometimes it got a little bit better but after a wrong move it was bad 
again.(때때로 나의 증상은 조금 나아졌지만 한 번의 잘못된 움직임 후에 다시 나빠졌습니다)

When it got really bad and I couldn’t bend over or move up and down anymore.
(허리가 아주 나빠졌을 때 나는 더 이상 허리를 구부리거나 앉잖다 일어날 수 없게 되었습니다) 
 I decided to contact you, Dr Sun because I heard you were also treating these and other kinds of problems with acupuncture.
(나는 닥터 선을 만나기로 결정했는데 왜냐하면 나는 당신이 침술로 이러한 것들과 다른 문제들을 치료하고 있다는 소식을 들었기 때문이었습니다)

Of course I was afraid of having all these needles in my body, but my pain was so bad that I was not worrying about little needles anymore.
(물론 나는 내 몸에 이 모든 침들을 꼽는 것이 두려웠지만, 내 통증이 너무 아파서 작은 침들이 더 이상 두렵지 않았습니다)
 To my big surprise it didn’t even hurt at all except maybe once or twice like a little bee sting.
(아주 놀랍게도 침은 전혀 아프지 조차  않았고 예외적으로 아마 한 개 내지는 두 개 정도가 작은 벌의 찔림 정도였습니다)

The real important thing is that already after 3 treatments I had no more back pain whatsoever.
(정말 중요한 점은 거의 3번의 치료 후에 정말이지 더 이상의 허리통증이 없었습니다)
 I continued the treatment and today I can even lift heavy objects again and work for a few hours in the garden.
(나는 치료를 계속 받았고 오늘 나는 다시 무거운 물건을 들어 올리기 조차 할 수 있고 정원에서 몇 시간 동안 일할 수도 있습니다)
Other improvements of your acupuncture treatments are:
(당신의 침술 치료로 그 밖의 호전 현상들로는:)
No more headaches
(더 이상의 두통이 없고)
My heavy period and period pains are reduced now
(나의 과도한 생리출혈과 생리통이 이제 줄어들었고)
Stress free sleep
(스트레스를 벗어난 수면)
Elastic and less dry skin(팽팽해지고 덜 건조한 피부 등입니다)
Your extensive explanation of how and why your treatment was working was very valuable for me.
( 어떻게 그리고 왜 당신의 치료가 작용하는지에 대한 당신의 폭넓은 설명은 저에게 아주 소중하였습니다)

 Thank you Dr Sun for giving me back my happy life.
(나의 행복한 삶을 내게 다시 돌려 주신 닥터 선에게 감사드립니다)

Valentina /10. 2009

Shoulder joint pain for 8 years ( 8년 된 어깨 관절통)

I had been suffering from the strong pain on my left shoulder for 8 years after the birth of my son who is now 10 years old.
Because of the pain, I have seen many acupuncturists for treatment and there had been no improvement.

After seeing Dr Sun , my pain has gone because of his good treatment and I no longer have the pain

Sunny / 5. 2006

Shoulder Pain, Insomnia, Sensitive bowl movable syndrome(견통, 불면증, 과민성 대장염)

After meeting Dr Sun in 2004, I am enjoying my life greatly. I had pains on my shoulder, insomnia, and went to the toilet more than four times while I am sleeping; all of these symptoms are now gone.

 In 2006, I have had two operations, removing my appendix and hernia. When my body was weak his treatment helped me to live my normal life without any inconvenience.

He is a doctor who knows how to treat his patients with all his passion.
He is a doctor who has heart of care and loving person.

Sang. K / 8. 2006

 Back pain for over 10 years (10년 이상 지속된 요통)

I’m a 40 year old man who had suffered with back pain for over 10 years.
On a level of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst pain and 0 being no pain), I felt pain at a 7 constantly on the “good days.” I have tried quite a few acupuncturists and Dr Sun is one of the best acupuncturist I’ve ever seen and have had the pleasure to be treated by.

I still remember the first day I visited him. I could not bend my back due to the pain and Dr Sun inserted acupuncture needles into my ear points, Forehead and hands and removed it in 20 minutes. Within 20 minutes after the onset of treatment, I felt complete pain relief.
 After a couple of weeks of receiving acupuncture on a regular basis from Dr Sun, my back pain was discontinued and this has made a huge difference in my life.

Dr Sun is very dedicated to each and every one of his patients and I have yet to get the results from others that I can get from Dr Sun.

Jason / 02. 2007

  Chronic Gastritis for 15 years ( 15년 된 만성 위염)

I had Chronic Gastritis for 15 years and got it treated in Korea but it recurred again and again.
After treatment from Dr Sun it didn’t recur and when doctors before (in Korea in December 2007) checked it out, they said it was gone.
Now I am really comforted.

C. Y /  12. 2007

 Chronic allergy for 35yrs ( 35년 지속된 만성 알러지)

I have been a patient of Dr. Sun since 2008 Jan.
I had an allergy which would not be cured in hospital for 35 years, but I am almost cured after I went to him who is an outstanding acupuncturist, for two months.

He is very friendly and has helped me in many ways as a one of his patients. He has always been a very cheerful and friendly person to me and many other patients as well.
He is a passionate guy who always study and research acupuncture.

M.  H / 05. 2008

  Menopausal disorder (갱년기 장해)

I have met Dr Sun in Christ who is intelligent and careful; he is one part of my life. When I first met Dr Sun it was in early 2004, he has treated me in many ways.

With his acupuncture, my menopausal disorder was gone. I also had a big operation at the end of 2007 and within six of his treatments from April 2008 my emotions, fast pulse, indigestion, dizziness and dysphasia have become almost normal.

He is a doctor who cares his patients and does his best with love to all of his patients. He is the best doctor I have met

J. K / 06. 2008

Back and neck pain for the past five years (5년간의 목과 허리 통증)

My name is N. Yun; I am thirty two years old. I have suffered from back and neck pain for the past five years, I tried other treatments to relieve my suffering but was not successful until I received acupuncture treatment from Dr Sun last year.
 After 20 treatments from Dr Sun I haven’t yet had any problems with my neck pain. Also after the recommended thirty sessions my back pain decreased.
During being treated for my back pain he gave me additional treatment to quit smoking. I was a heavy smoker for fifteen years and now I am a non-smoker.
He gave me a body type diet which I have found very useful and was also shown me exercises that can help my everyday life. Even though I went with initial complaints, my overall body condition and quality of life has improved. I continued to see Dr Sun for acupuncture Dr Sun’s sessions are very informative and helpful.
He is an excellent acupuncturist with a wealth of knowledge that he shares throughout the sessions freely.

Nathan / 07. 2007
Sudden stroke symptom, Backache, fast heart beat(응급 뇌졸증상, 요통, 심박세동 증상 등)
 I am writing on behalf of my mother. I am pleased to do a testimonial for Dr Sun. Dr Sun has been treating my mother for about six months starting from the late Nov 2007 present.
My mother had a stroke history before and she suddenly showed the symptom of stroke. I was going to call the ambulance but she wanted Dr Sun to come and do the treatment. Both her arms and legs were very cold and stiff but after getting acupuncture from Dr Sun; her body was getting warm and able to move slowly. My mom had acupuncture treatment almost every day for about two months after that incident.
 Now she gets treatment once a week as her condition is far better than before. My mother also suffered from sore backache due to the stress. After getting the treatment, it released her stress and the pain from the heart. She also mentioned that she used to get real fast heart beat whenever she was stressed or anxious, but now she doesn’t get that often. She got much better now and I can see the difference after getting the treatment from Dr Sun
My family is really thankful to meet Dr Sun who is really passionate about his work and he does care for his patients with his love and also with depth of knowledge in his field I can see him constantly studying and researching to be up to date in his field of acupuncture.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Sun again and I hope he can use his skill to treat not only Koreans but many people who suffers from many sicknesses regardless of nationality.

Emily /05.2008

 Epilepsy for 13 yrs (13년간 항경련제 복용)
I was involved in a car accident 13 years ago. I underwent several operations including some neurological surgeries. Due to this I had to take epilepsy pills ever since. When I met Dr Sun, he suggested reducing the amount of pills I take through acupuncture. I was quite skeptical at first but now I take fewer pills and haven’t had any seizures. I also find myself much more composed and relaxed. This has allowed me to try new things I have never done before and live a new life.
Acupuncture can work on anybody of any age and has been a proven remedy for over a long period of time. It works on either outer skin or internal organs and helps mentally as well. It has prompted me to lead a more enthusiastic life and be more optimistic.
 Through more treatments with Dr Sun I believe I can stop taking the pills I am very grateful of Dr Sun’s care and help.

Russ /12. 2009

Sciatica joint pain (사고로 인한 좌골 신경통)

I had a fall on November 6th 2006, where I injured the right side of my body to the point that I was unable to drive, work or perform my home duties. Once I was able to drive, work or perform my home duties.

Once I was able to drive I attended physiotherapy where my elbow and arm were treated but my shoulder, hip and lumbar spine were not. Dr Sun managed to treat me for all painful areas in one session. In January, 2009 at a barbeque I head of Dr Sun and his treatments and that he treated the body as a whole using several different acupuncture techniques. This sounded wonderful to me so I made an appointment as soon as I could. I have found him to be very professional and he has a very pleasant manner about him.

Within a month he had made tremendous improvements to my pain and mobility levels. The intense pain in my joints dissipated and I have made huge improvements in my tendon and muscle, aches and pains.
 My overall wellbeing has improved with increasing strength, circulation and even weight loss. As a result I am feeling positive, secure and generally feeling much better about myself as a person as I had lost a lot of confidence after the fall.

Dr Sun has always treated me with great respect and talks me through the procedures so that I understand what is happening and he answers all my questions openly. He continues to study and find new techniques to help his patients. When I injure myself again I call him in the first instance and am fitted in even if he’s busy. This gives me a fast recovery time.
I look ahead to on-going monitoring so that I do not slip backwards and look forward to a full and active life.
 I thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Medeline / 09.2010
Menopause symptoms for 34 yrs woman (34세에 생긴 조기 생리중단 현상)
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Megan and I am 34 years of age. I have been experiencing menopause symptoms for some time and finally had my fsh levels tested. They were a rocket high 103! This frustrated me as I did not wish to have menopause at 34. I would not accept this.

I googled and researched and found out that alternative medicine was the key.

My fiancé and I planned to have a baby, so I was committed to investigating my options. Acupuncture and oriental medicine was the answer. I had heard of Sonny and his fantastic healing from a good friend that is studying acupuncture herself.

 I have now been going to Sonny since September 2009.

 All of my symptoms have disappeared i.e.: hot flushes, headaches, sweating, sleepless nights and tiredness, loss of periods. I am very very grateful to Sonny as I was terribly stressed and now I feel like a new person thanks to him. I live in Whangarei and travel every week (nearly 2 hour drive) to see Sonny. I say to him that he is definitely worth the distance as I believe he is a miracle worker.

 Sonny has a beautiful soul, he is always smiling and funny too. I look forward to going to my appointments as happiness surrounds him. His daughter and wife are such lovely lovely people.

I had my fsh levels tested just recently and now it is down to 40! (Normal) The nurses asked me how I managed to do that. They were very surprised! Thanks to Sonny I had learned to eat the right foods for my body type, I enjoy drinking his miracle tea (you feel so alive!), and the acupuncture really really helps.

My periods have also come back, I am truly grateful to have ME back again.

Megan / 12.2010 

Lower back sprain (허리통증)

My name is Bo and I am one of Dr Sun’s patients.
I believe that most of you will have heard of Dr Sun through either friends or family members, because he does not really need to advertise his clinic much as he is so well known. The reason people come to him for treatment, is his great reputation and professional skills.  

In my case, it was mid-August when I sprained my lower back at work, lifting heavy boxes. I could not sit or move well and I was in a really bad mood due to the pain and an uncomfortable back.
So I was referred to Dr Sun for acupuncture treatment. I quickly felt the benefits of his excellent treatment. Later on I could even bend my back easily and since then I have fully recovered mobility in my back.

I would therefore recommend Dr Sun without reservation for anyone who requires acupuncture treatment.

Bo / 09.2011
Depression, anxiety, poor circulation, joint pain and sleeping difficulty (우울증, 순환장애, 관절통, 불면증)
My 14 year old daughter was treated by Dr Sun for depression, anxiety, poor circulation, joint pain and sleeping difficulty.

She received 10 treatments over a period of 3 weeks. The treatments have made such an enormous difference. She has peacefulness about her, she is happy and positive. Her sleeping has improved and she no longer suffers from a long standing condition of painful knee joints. Her colour has improved and she is no longer cold all the time.

Dr Sun displayed great care and concern when treating my daughter, together with obvious professional expertise and skill. The results of his treatments speak for themselves.

I feel this is a form of holistic medicine that my daughter will turn to rather than rely on prescription drugs. She will look back with respect for a form of medicine that works to balance the body and treat disorders without harmful side effects.

I recommend Dr Sun as a reliable, thorough, respectful and skilful practioner, who has a generous spirit and great kindness.

My heartfelt thanks.

Simon / 10.2011

 Shoulder joint pain, Ankle joint pain (견관절통 과 족관절통)

Dear Doctor Sun,

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service you have provided me and my son with. We sincerely appreciate your professional approach and the way you operate your practice.
For many years I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain with limited flexibility of my neck. On my first visit I was amazed with the flexibility I gained with my neck and the noticeable pain relief during and after only one treatment.
My son was experiencing a lot of pain in his kneels due to growth plate issues. After weeks of Physiotherapy and having Orthotics made he was in pain and limping. The first treatment he walked off with no pain and no limp. He is so grateful to be able to run about and play sports again pain free.
Dr Sun also treated 2 stubborn warts on my son’s leg. The warts had not shown any signs of going away after 3 treatments of freezing. I was told it could take months for the warts to go. After 2 weeks of treatment the warts have gone and have not shown any signs of returning
 We have recommended you to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

Wendy /11.2011
Hip joint pain (고관절통)
Dear Sonny
You will recall when I came to you a few weeks ago.
I was founding it very difficult to walk with severe pain in my upper right leg.

After your expert treatment I now found I can walk with great comfort. I can’t thank you enough for making me a new person again and also your advice on exercise which has helped me enormously.

 I would certainly recommend you to all of my friends.
Best regards.

Anne / 04.2012
Sciatica joint pain (좌골신경통)
I consider myself fortunate that I was introduced to Sonny. I found that his treatment of my painful condition of joint when pain sciatica, and the overall holistic treatment, has made a vast improvement, has made a vast improvement in my general health.
 I have no qualms in recommending him to anybody suffering any kind of joint pain. They will be delighted with the results, as I have been.

A. Page / 07.2012
Extreme insomnia and on-going body pains for many yrs ( 다년간 극심한 불면증과 신체 통증)
For many years I suffered from extreme insomnia and on-going body pains. The only temporary relief I could gain was with medical drugs, which I prefer to avoid.
Since attending Sonny’s acupuncture clinic for a course of treatment, I have at last found great relief from these problems.
He is extremely professional, friendly and caring, while his gentle loving wife attends to the patient’s utmost comfort. I left each session feeling relaxed and renewed in body and mind.
 A friend recommended him to me, and I wish to do the same for anyone who reads this testimony.

M. Page / 07.2012
Back Pain for 30 yrs (30년간 고생한 허리통증)
I went to Sonny Acupuncture Clinic with a really bad back that I had had on & off for thirty years . For this first session I was in so much pain that I was unable to drive myself there. After only one treatment my pain level was reduced by a half & for the second session I drove myself. By the third session the pain was gone completely & has not returned despite me carrying on with life as normal, i.e. bringing in firewood etc.
My neck, which I had been using to rise from chairs instead of my back muscles was then an issue, Sonny quickly put this right in the next two sessions.
 Since then I have had major improvements in my immune system resulting in better skin, hair & general health, even reduced sensitivity in my teeth which was a small but nagging problem.
At the end of my treatment now I can honestly say I feel much happier, with more energy & a release from negative thinking patterns. The happiness I feel is not related to outside things either but rather generated from within me.
 If ever I feel the need I will have no hesitation whatever to returning for more treatment, I have recommended Sonny’s Clinic to all my friends & relatives and those that have started treatment have nothing but good to say.

C.    J. Woodhouse / 07.2012
Frozen shoulder syndrome, knee pain, lower back pain( 오십견:동결견, 슬관절통. 요통)

In 2009 I had the good fortune of meeting Sonny Sun. I was suffering from a very painful frozen shoulder for several months, taking many painkillers. Being left handed I was severely restricted with any movement. After a course of acupuncture I was free of the excruciating pain and able to move my shoulder and arm freely.
January 2012 – twisted left knee badly suffering excruciating pain with great difficulty walking. I became very bent over and unable to stand up straight without excruciating pain through the knee and thigh and had to use crutches and live on painkillers. With all the things going on my left leg and foot was swelling up badly, causing great concern. Tried all other sources.
March 2012 – with the expertise of Sonny’s acupuncture and moxa treatment, I was free of the excruciating pain and able to walk up straight and no swollen leg and foot.

Jennifer (Warkworth) /06.2012
Elbow pain for 6 yrs (6년간 고생한 주관절통)

When I came to see Sonny it was in a state of quiet desperation. I had damaged my inner elbow by excessive overuse. Specifically by quilting – man handling a heavy quilt through the relatively small opening of a sewing machine.

 A friend had been going to Sonny to have her back fixed. He had done such a great job I was convinced to give it a try myself.

Sonny works on the entire body not just what you went for. My treatment has taken longer than either of us thought, but Sonny doesn’t give up, nor would he have left me. My injury was approx. 6 years old & not easy to treat but bit by bit things improved. Sometimes a case of “2 steps forward + 1 step back: but progress.

Conventional treatment offered by doctors was surgery. I also had carpal tunnel problems – pins & needles in my hand. They didn’t take much notice of what I considered the main problem – my elbow. Surgery was something I preferred to avoid.

 Sonny has helped me immensely he went to a great deal of effort for me over above the norm. I can breathe through my nose for the first spring in 30 years or so. My hand & elbow are nearly better + continue to improve.

Acupuncture is not always comfortable but Sonny & his wife Monica do their absolute best to make it so. Sonny is a dedicated & caring man who I recommend to everybody I speak with.

I have high hopes that I will finally be able to sew again pain free (never again for hours Sonny) for which I will thank Sonny continually.
 I highly recommend the “Needleman extraordinaire” Sonny.

Annette / 11.2012 

   Sinus, Back Pain, Stress  (비염, 허리 통증, 스트레스 등)

I have been struggling with all sorts of illnesses since I moved to New Zealand a few years ago. If there was a virus going around, I would get sick and it would take a long time to get better. 

My energy levels where really low, and I would struggle through a normal day looking after my toddler. I also had sinus, back pain and stress.

Since seeing Dr.Sonny , I started feeling more energized and my sinus was mostly forgotten. My immune system is high and I haven’t been sick for a while now.The constant back pain is slowly getting better as well – overall I am really feeling so much better.
Thank you Sonny!

Wanja / 8.2012
   Knee Sprain (무릎관절 부상)

I had an accident while playing with my son at a playground. I twisted my leg quite badly and had to go to the A&E, who provided me with crutches.

 My leg was badly swollen and I could not step on it or straighten it. Arriving at Sonny’s practice on crutches, I was skeptical when, after just 3 needles he asked me to stand up and walk around.

 I was completely speechless when in fact I could walk without crutches or even a limp. I have returned since that day for 10 more sessions and after each session my leg got better.

 I would recommend acupuncture and Sonny to anyone who is in need of pain relief. Sonny is truly professional and are always willing to explain and share his knowledge. Thank you Sonny for your expert help in getting me back onto my feet so quickly, and pain free.

Willem /3. 2013

 Hip Joint & leg  pain for 2 years (2년 동안의 고관절과 다리 통증)


I suffered for over two years with hip and leg pain and took a lot of anti inflammatories to try and get relief.(저는 2년 넘게 고관절과 다리에 통증을 겪어 왔고, 통증을 없애려고 다량의 진통 소염제를 복용했습니다.)

 Earlier this year I went to a very good massage therapist for several months to try and reduce the pain as it was affecting me not only physically but also mentally and emotionally because it was difficult to live a normal life. (금년 초 저는 통증을 줄이기 위해  아주 훌륭한 맛사지사에게 수개월 동안 치료를 받으로 다녔습니다.  통증이 육체뿐만 아니라 정신과 감정에 영향을 미쳐 정상적인 일상생활을 영위하기가 어렵웠기 때문이었습니다.)    

Initially the massage helped but over the months I was getting worse as the pain became quite intense and I had a pronounced limp.(처음에는 그 맛사지가 도움이 되었지만 수개월이 지나자 저의 상태는 악화되었습니다. 통증이 꽤 심해져서 저는 절뚝거리게 되었기 때문입니다.)


The lady at my local health shop told me that a customer had mentioned she was seeing an acupuncturist who had helped her a great deal, after trying many other therapists prior to this.Based on this recommendation and desperate to stop the pain I decided to make an appointment with Sonny Sun.


From the first appointment I noticed a difference which kept me coming back forfurther appointments, despite my aversion to needles and the treatment, and thelong drive from Mt Eden to Dairy Flat.


Over the weeks of treatment there has been a marked change in the strength in myleg, my ability to walk fairly normally, and a reduction in my level of pain.  It has been nothing short of miraculous.


Sonny picked up on several problems in my x-ray that my GP had not even noticed. 

He has an amazing level of knowledge about the human body and how to treat it with acupuncture.  His skill is used with compassion and a strong desire to help.