Private Sell! Great Legal home income! Beautiful 2 houses on one site. Big land mixed suburban!Hillcrest, North Shore,Auckland,very good area!

Private Sell! Great Legal home income! Beautiful 2 houses on one site.…

ruomeng 0 1,461 2020.04.05 17:34

2 beautiful renovated houses on one site, legal home and income. Weekly rental $1260 ( 2years ago old rental till now, did not increase for good stable tenants)can increase more this year2 bedroom big Unit 90square meterand 4bedroom huge house 220 square meter.



Address at Coronation Road,HillcrestFamous 9 decile Willow Park Primary


Big land 850 square meter, mixed Suburbanbig potential!


The valuation in 2017 was $1.32 Million and was approved and accepted by bank .Council CV is $1.25Million, but as everyone knows, council CV is not accurate and lower than market value. The bank is more accurate and strict when assessing the value of house because when we lend home loan from bank, bank has to strictly control its risk, so its valuation has to be very accurate to reflect the house real value.


I can provide title certificate, LIMfloor plan, valuation in 2017.


You can base on above information, and ask the agent about the recently sold price of houses nearby, you can compare and then give me an offer. We will achieve a reasonable price. You will only pay 1 and half house price, but get 2 houses and big land! You will be happy you get a GOOD buy!


Limited uploading photo numbers, so I only can upload some photos.


You can visit it after end of “lockdown”. Mobile 0210792016,email:


Please text to say ”sell Coronation house. Because I need to know which house you ask, because I have other two houses on private sale too. Because I have too many houses, so I want to sell 3 of them to get some capital to invest in other business.