101 park must-do's

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Auckland has more than 4000 parks waiting for you to explore! From an afternoon relaxing by a remote beach to an action-packed weekend in the bush, here are 101 fun and affordable ideas to get you started:

  1.  Pitch a tent and camp under the stars at Te Muri Beach Campground in Mahurangi Regional Park.
  2. Take in the stunning views of the Hauraki Gulf and its offshore islands by walking the Coastal Track and Long Bay Regional Park.
  3. Get up early on a Sunday morning and go for a long walk around the Auckland Botanic Gardens and Tōtara Park.
  4. Go camping via kayak at the Te Wharau (Malua Bay) Campground in Duder Regional Park.
  5. Paddle around the Puhoi Estuary or along the Puhoi River from Wenderholm Regional Park.
  6. Picnic under a pōhutukawa at Tapapakanga Regional Park.
  7. Fly a kite at Āwhitu Regional Park.
  8. Do your bit for the environment and take part in a park planting day.
  9. Meditate in the Fukuoka Garden in Western Springs Lakeside Park.
  10. Trek to isolated Tawhitokino beach – accessible only by foot at low tide – and discover one of Auckland's best kept secret beaches.
    101 park must-dos
    Tawhitokino beach
  11. Explore Ātiu Creek Regional Park for stunning views of the Kaipara Harbour.
  12. Keep an eye out for blue reef heron, kingfishers, black, pied and little shags and white-fronted terns at Whakanewha Regional Park.
  13. Pack up your mountain bike and head for the bike tracks at Waitawa Regional Park.
  14. Enjoy the stunning piece of coastal land at Pakiri.
  15. Learn about the rich history of the Waitākere Ranges at the Arataki Visitor Centre.
  16. Walk the Perimeter track at Omana Regional Park.
  17. Head north to the beautiful parkland at Te Ārai.
  18. Lie on your back and watch the clouds roll by at Waharau Regional Park.
  19. Escape to a natural oasis amid urban and industrial Auckland at Mutukaroa - Hamlins Hill Regional Park.
  20. Hike 106m above sea level to the top of Māngere Mountain
    101 park must-dos (1)
    Māngere Mountain
  21. Take a walk to the point at Scandrett Regional Park and have a snooze under the shade of a tree.
  22. Experience life on a farm at Ambury Regional Park.
  23. Get your step count up on the Okura Bush Walkway.
  24. Park your campervan overnight at Shakespear Regional Park in the Te Haruhi Bay Campground and experience an opening sanctuary by night.
  25. Head for the Auckland Botanic Gardens with a blanket, a picnic and a good book – there are plenty of trees to sit under.
  26. Take a walk across the rocks out to Pudding Island at Mahurangi Regional Park (only at low tide).
  27. Get your heart pumping with a vigorous walk across Duder Regional Park.
  28. Read a book and relax in the bach at Āwhitu Regional Park.
  29. Go diving at the protected Long Bay Marine Reserve along the northern coastline of the Long Bay Regional Park.
  30. Take the kids fishing off Cornwallis wharf. 
    101 park must-dos (2)
    Cornwallis wharf
  31. Kayak Te Ara Moana – ‘the sea-going pathway’ – a self-guided five-day sea kayak along 51km of Auckland’s scenic south-eastern coastline.
  32. Hop on a horse and ride along expansive rolling farmland to the Kaipara coast at Te Rau Pūriri.  
  33. Put your fitness to the test on the Coast to Coast walk – a 16km route from Waitematā to Manukau.
  34. Walk along the stony foreshore at Whakatiwai Regional Park.
  35. Book a weekend escape in the beachfront bach at Wenderholm Regional Park.
  36. Ride your mountain bike along one of the tracks at Waharau Regional Park.
  37. Go for a walk around Victoria Park in Auckland’s CBD. 
  38. Watch the sunrise over the city from Harbourview OrangihinaReserve.
  39. Take the kids for a play at the playground and discover the natural treasures hidden in the bush at Omana Regional Park.
  40. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and explore Waiheke’s Te Ara Hura
    101 park must-dos (3)
    Te Ara Hura
  41. Listen out for the elusive sounds of little spotted kiwi at Shakespear Regional Park.
  42. Put pedal to the metal on the pump track at Moire Park.
  43. Enjoy spectacular views of the Ātiu estuary and Oruawharo River at Ātiu Creek Regional Park.
  44. Catch a ferry across to Waiheke Island and have a BBQ on the foreshore at Whakanewha Regional Park.
  45. Take the kids to Takapuna’s hot-spot Gould Reserve playground
  46. Stop and smell the flowers at the Auckland Botanic Gardens. There are more than 10,000 plant varieties from around the world to be enjoyed.
  47. Bring your binoculars and go birding at Ambury Regional Park.
  48. Go swimming at Umupuia Beach – a sandy beach available at low tide along the coastal walk at Duder Regional Park.
  49. Round up the whānau and head to Long Bay Regional Park for a BBQ and a play on the all abilities playground.
  50. Count the number of cars on the motorway from Mutukaroa - Hamlins Hill Regional Park
    101 park must-dos (4)
    Mutukaroa - Hamlins Hill Regional Park
  51. Stay at the sea kayak campground at Tawhitokino Regional Park.
  52. Cycle your way through the Project Twin Streams area in Henderson and check out the community art installations along the Opanuku Stream.
  53. Go pipi digging at Tapapakanga Regional Park.
  54. Pack a picnic and head south to the tranquil bays at Āwhitu Regional Park on the south west shores of the Manukau Harbour.
  55. Say “I do” in the Perennial Garden at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.
  56. Join the volunteer group at Ambury Regional Park and help look after the animals.
  57. Pitch a tent at Omana Regional Park’s Cliff Top Campground.
  58. Walk to the Woolshed at  Ātiu Creek Regional Park to learn more about the history of the farm.
  59. Kayak up Henderson Creek from Taipari Strand to Tui Glen Reserve.
  60. Stay overnight in a 1950s waterfront bach on Scandrett Regional Park
    101 park must-dos (5)
    Scandrett Regional Park
  61. Photograph the sun setting over Rangitoto from Whakanewha Regional Park.
  62. Relax and unwind among the flora and fauna at Tōtara Park.
  63. Pick up an orienteering map from the noticeboard at Duder Regional Park and make your way around 148 hectares of coastal parkland.
  64. Go walking with a friend along the coastal cliff top track at Long Bay Regional Park – the track forms part of the of the Te Araroa network.
  65. Take your pooch for a walk at Craigavon Park in Blockhouse Bay.
  66. Enjoy the spectacular view of Tiritiri Matangi Island from the TiriTiri Track at Shakespear Regional Park.
  67. Get inspiration for your home garden at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.
  68. Play disc golf at Waitawa Regional Park.
  69. Learn how we conserve and protect our native plants and wildlife at the open sanctuary at Tāwharanui Regional Park.
  70. Explore the sights and sounds of Mahurangi Regional Park via its network of walking tracks. 
    101 park must-dos (6)
    Mahurangi Regional Park
  71. Go diving in the protected marine reserve at Tāwharanui Regional Park (but not in a northerly swell).
  72. Ollie, kick flip and carve up at the Marlborough skate park in Glenfield.
  73. Simply unwind in the beautiful scenery at Āwhitu Regional Park.
  74. Book a BBQ site at Wenderholm Regional Park and spend the afternoon swimming, fishing or playing cricket on the flat open spaces.
  75. Meet Cameron the Colin & Connor the Clydesdales at Ambury Regional Park.
  76. Take your horse riding at Ātiu Creek Regional Park.
  77. Launch your boat into the Manukau Harbour from Cornwallis wharf.
  78. Swim at the beach or stream at Waharau Regional Park.
  79. Learn about sustainable farming on the Sustainable Farming Trail at Duder Regional Park.
  80. Enjoy quiet time with the family at an outdoor movie with Movies in Parks
    101 park must-dos (7)
  81. Walk the Nikau Track at Whakanewha Regional Park.
  82. Discover the Sculptures in the Gardens at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.
  83. Wander over rolling pastures, explore the wetlands and enjoy the sandy beaches at Āwhitu Regional Park.
  84. Buy a unique gift at the Arataki Visitor Centre.
  85. Climb amongst the trees at the Tree Tops playground in Tui Glen Reserve.
  86. Book a birthday party for your kids at Ambury Regional Park.
  87. Find a picturesque spot at  Ātiu Creek Regional Park for a picnic.
  88. Learn about the early days of farming in the restored farm buildings at Scandrett Regional Park.
  89. Bring a picnic and find your favourite spot at Waitawa Regional Park.
  90. Keep your eye out for tūī at Shakespear Regional Park
    101 park must-dos (8)
  91. Escape the city and head to Duder Regional Park – an isolated and peaceful coastal farm park.
  92. Wander along the Opanuku Walkway at Henderson Park.
  93. Take your kids or grandkids to the Potter Children’s Garden at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.
  94. Launch your kayak from the beach or boat ramp at Omana Esplanade. Kayaking is best at high tide.
  95. Try to spot a fernbird at Āwhitu Regional Park.
  96. Adventure through the green open spaces of One Tree Hill Domain(Maungakiekie) and up to the top of the 183m volcano.
  97. Take the Cudlip Point Loop Track to the estuary at Mahurangi Regional Park.
  98. Relax at the sandy swimming beach and picnic sites at Long Bay Regional Park.
  99. Round up the family for a BBQ and game of beach cricket at Tapapakanga Regional Park.
  100. Pack up the surfboard and head to Tāwharanui Regional Park.
  101. Ask a ranger where their favourite spot is in the park. 
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