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St George의 생활영어 - Queen's Birthday

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Queen's Birthday Weekend

Rose: I heard through the grapevine that there are no classes on Monday because of Queen’s Birthday weekend. Is it really the Queen’s birthday
on Monday?
Rose: 내가 소문으로 들었는데 Queen’s Birthday라서 월요일날 수업이 없대.월욜일날이 진짜 여왕생일이야?

Adrian: Ha ha. No, it’s not. In fact different commonwealth countries celebrate Queen’s birthday on different days – even though we have the same Queen! In New Zealand it’s always on the first Monday of June, but in Australia it’s on the second Monday.
Adrian: 하하.그건 아니야.사실은 영연방국가들이 같은 여왕의 생일을 다 다른날 경축해.뉴질랜드에서는 항상 6월 첫째주 월요일이 Queen’s Birthday지만, 호주에서는 둘째주 월요일이야.

Rose: That’s weird. So, when is the Queen’s real birthday?
Rose: 그거 참 이상하네. 그래서 언제가 진짜 여왕생일인데?

Adrian: Her actual birthday is 21 April, but because that’s the middle of winter in England they moved her official birthday to summer, simply because the weather is better.
Adrian: 원래 여왕생일은 4월21일인데 영국에선 그때가 겨울이라서 공식적인 생일을 여름으로 옮겼어.이유는 간단해.여름날씨가 더 좋다는거야.

Rose: That’s crazy! Why does the weather even come into it?
Rose: 제정신이 아니군.날씨가 왜 여왕생일이랑 상관이 있는데?

Adrian: In the U.K they have a military parade on Queen’s Birthday, and a lot of people like to watch the parade pass by. If the weather was miserable, the parade would be a flop.
Adrian: 영국에서는 여왕생일때 열병식이있어.많은 사람들이 옆에서 그 퍼레이드를 보는걸 좋아해.만약 날씨가 안 좋다면 그 퍼레이드는 실패하게 되는거지.

Rose: I get it. But what about New Zealand? In the Southern Hemisphere the start of June is winter, not summer!
Rose: 아 알겠다.그럼 뉴질랜드에서는 뭘해? 천문 남반구에 위치해 있어서 6월이면 겨울이 시작하고 여름이 아니잖아!

Adrian: Well, most New Zealanders aren’t very strong monarchists. Queen’s Birthday in New Zealand is associated more with the start of the ski season than with royalty.
Adrian: 음,대부분의 뉴질랜드 사람들은 군주주의자들이 아니야. 뉴질랜드에서 Queen’s Birthday란 왕위보다는 스키시즌이 시작하는것에 더 연관이 있어.

Rose: So what do most kiwis get up to for Queen’s Birthday weekend?
Rose: 그럼 대부분의 키위들은 Queen’s Birthday주에 뭘해?

Adrian: Well, it’s a stat holiday so we all get the day off work. Because it’s a long weekend a lot of people like to get out of town for a few days, and maybe go on a road-trip.
Adrian: 글쎄,그날은 공휴일이라 다 휴가를가져.긴주말이 되기때문에 많은 사람들은 며칠동안 놀러가는것을 좋아해 아니면 멀리 여행을 가던지.

Rose: I’ve got an idea, we should go down to the mountain for Queen’s Birthday, are you in?
Rose: 나한테 좋은 생각이 있어.우리도 Queen’s Birthday때 Mt. Maunganui에 가는거야,같이갈래?


heard through the grapevine -learned about something through network of friends and acquaintances
소문으로 들었다.
commonwealth countries - United Kingdom, its dependencies, and many former British colonies
영연방 국가들
come into it - be relevant to the topic (e.g. “anybody can be a musician, age doesn’t come into it”)
토픽에 연관이 있는,상관이 있는
miserable - depressing. Miserable weather is grey, rainy weather.
비참한,우울한 날씨
a flop - unsuccessful, disappointing
I get it - I understand (often used about jokes)
Southern Hemisphere - the bottom half of the world, below the equator
천문 남방구
Monarchists - people who believe in, and are loyal to the monarchy (royal family)
ski season - the part of the year in which there’s enough snow on the mountain for people to ski (coldest part of winter) 스키시즌
get up to - do 하다
stat holiday - official public holiday. All businesses must close, but employees still get paid
road-trip - long distance car journey with friends
“The mountain”- in New Zealand, mountains such as Ruapehu or Taranaki provide many types of recreation, such as skiing, climbing, tramping, mountain biking etc. People often refer to their closest of favorite mountain as “the mountain”. Mt Maunganui is commonly just called “The Mount”.
마운트 망가누이
are you in? - Do you want to participate?
너도 같이할래?

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