알바니 하이퀄리티의 워터 프론트 멋진 빅섹션 하우스 매매

알바니 하이퀄리티의 워터 프론트 멋진 빅섹션 하우스 매매

Barfoot데이빗한 0 909 2023.04.30 21:26
주소, 위치:
Albany, North Shore City, Auckland,
방, 화장실:
1 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms
Residential > For sale > House
Deadline sale by03/05
스모크 알람:
에이전트 이름:
Licensed Agent (REAA):
021 4989 24
Residential > For sale > House



부동산 문의 : 데이빗한 021 4989 24
알바니의 멋진 4베드룸의 빅섹션하우스
바닷가와 멋진 부시뷰가 어우러진 보기드문 현대식 하우스

Property details

6 Kerema Way, Albany
Property type: 
Land area: 
1718 m²

Vendor's instruction are clear - two weeks to present offers or they will hold. Buy in today's market securing your future in luxury living with ever changing sunset vistas and a coastal position.

The owners know you can have it all: lifestyle, luxury, location, and lavish views. Without a doubt, 6 Kerema Way would be the envy of many, offering modern-day life with all the lifestyle options. You could be forgiven to think you are in a tropical resort in Asia as you approach this serene sanctuary with its Asia-influenced surroundings.
Secluded behind private gates, this property rests on 1718 sqm (more or less) of meticulously planned grounds with tropical palms and shrubs gracing the property.
The home offers four double bedrooms, formal and informal living spaces, double glazing, and surround sound system. State of the art technology ensures the entire house can be run from touch pad devices for the ultimate convenience.

The open plan living and gourmet kitchen flow seamlessly to the dining and family rooms with captivating views that draw you outside to a fabulous heated in-ground pool set against a stunning inlet. Sunsets and views are just amazing from these expansive sheltered hardwood decks, creating the perfect space for alfresco entertaining.

You have options with the separate garage, it could be an office space or your large man cave workshop as there is a separate driveway that sweeps down to the doorstep of the house. The jetty at the water's edge is great for a kayak or paddleboard enthusiast, and fantastic for the family that enjoys water sports.

For your children, high decile educational opportunities are available with Upper Harbour Primary within walking distance and zoning for Pinehurst & Kristin Schools along with Albany Junior & Senior High.

An all-round winner for the whole family - this immaculate securely gated home is ready to meet its next owners. 
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