홉슨빌 4베드룸 멋진하우스 매매 (보는 조건으로 오퍼가능)

홉슨빌 4베드룸 멋진하우스 매매 (보는 조건으로 오퍼가능)

DavidHan 0 2,453 2021.08.26 22:09
주소, 위치:
Buckley Ave, Anawhata, Waitakere City, Auckland,
방, 화장실:
4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Residential > For sale > House
Price by negotiation
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스모크 알람:
에이전트 이름:
Licensed Agent (REAA):
09 200 5894
021 4989 24 (사
Residential > For sale > House

홉슨빌 급매물 문의 : 데이빗한 021 4989 24 (사구팔구 이사)

Offers in by Fri 27 Aug 5pm - Multi Offer!

*Taking offers now subject to viewing in Level 3*
Go on and pinch yourself; this is no mirage, but an authentic and unrivalled residence offering the complete family experience with effortless spaces, instinctive style and a stunning heated pool that summons the good times all year round.

With the one-and-only owner's creative vision, an extension to this stand alone home's original floor scheme, along with the addition of the outdoor entertainment features, has curated the idyllic space for relaxation and fun-filled family living.

Complemented by a fabulous kitchen and main living, a magnificent dining area blurs the lines between inside and poolside and flaunts a custom-built Macrocarpa bar. The celebration continues to the deck, where the night comes alive with outdoor lighting and music; this zone will be the cause for those unforgettable pool parties. Additionally, a secondary lounge is a perfect spot for movie nights.

The Juliette balcony from the master captures the stunning golden hours over the palm-lined avenue and is accompanied by an ensuite and robe. A further three double bedrooms feature with built-in closets and a big bathroom to support, plus an en-vogue powder room downstairs.
More distinctive features include an outdoor shower, easy-care and irrigated tropic-like gardens, vege beds, a garden shed, a securely fenced periphery, oodles of storage, plus an internal-entry double garage with additional off-street parking - bring the boat!

From this quiet position, it's a leisurely stroll via the coastal walking loop down to Catalina Bay; with the ferry terminal, it's a hive of action with artisan markets, Little Creatures Brewery, Fabric Café and Siamese Doll. In zone for both Hobsonville Point Secondary and Primary Schools, while motorways and Norwest amenities are readily available too.

Contact : 021 4989 24 (사구팔구 이사)

Office : 09 486 4747 (Kakao : david8255)

Email : david.han@harcourts.co.nz / Harcourt cooper&Co

Address128 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 


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