해밀턴 부동산-Home & Income

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부동산 주소
Forest Lake

베드룸 및 화장실
6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
Floor area
Land area
Price by negotiation

Big On Content-Home & Income(7 bedrooms)


If you've got a large family, or looking for an investment opportunity, this is a property not to be missed. The two houses on one title makes this the perfect set up for extended families. The first home is a refurbished character with 5 bedrooms neatly positioned throughout ensuring everyone has space to spread out. The large master bedroom opens out to the outdoors and boasts a lovely and private ensuite. The large light-filled living is an open plan setting and the gorgeous modern kitchen houses a large oven and gas hobs which will keep the chef of the family happy. Outdoor entertaining will be a breeze with the lounge flowing out to the large private deck which is perfect for BBQs and having guests over for a drink or two. The family bathroom is of a generous size, and with the infinity hot water system in place, there will always be plenty of hot water for everyone.
The second home is a sunny brick 2-bedroom abode with a generous sized open plan living and kitchen with Bosch appliances and loads of bench space. The bathroom is a good size and the two double bedrooms are well laid out making this a cosy and comfortable home.
The section is well maintained and offers a single garage with a high roofline which is great for securing all your extra bits and bobs. The large white fence and security gate keeps the property very private and safe for children and pets.
The convenient central location provides easy access to the city centre as well as Te Awa Shopping Complex. Minogue Netball courts, BMX track and park reserves are just across the road, as is Lake Rotokaeo where you can enjoy feeding the ducks and nature walks whenever you like. The kids will be kept happy with of all grades of schooling within walking distance as is the local Waterworld Swimming Complex.
Whether you're looking for a dual income property, a home for the extended family or a home and income, this one ticks all the boxes.  



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