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부동산 주소
501 Ruakura Road, Newstead

베드룸 및 화장실
4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
Floor area
Land area
Price by negotiation

Located in one of Hamilton's prime suburbs of Newstead, we present to you this beautiful tudor style home that provides ample space for growing families and located conveniently in the city fringes.

Fully renovated in 2015, complete with new wallpaper, carpets, kitchen and bathroom and fully double-glazed windows and doors, this home gives you the best of both worlds with the contemporary but classic look! Beautifully landscaped and with all the benefits of a peaceful country setting but with the ease of access to the city, University, top local school, shopping and amenities. With the award-winning Ruakura Berry Shop and Camarosa Cafe and Restaurant located right across the road, this truly is location at its finest!

Situated on 1.17ha of flat land, this will provide ample space for children and pets to run around and the added bonus of a tennis court will be great for a game or two of tennis to keep fit. Having no covenants on this land means endless opportunity to add your personal touch, maybe an ancillary dwelling? A swimming pool? Let your imagination run wild!

All the work has been done, the owners have created a beautiful setting ready for you to move into and enjoy. With heated floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. Tastefully built with great indoor/outdoor flow in the living areas. A brand-new kitchen fully equipped with stone benchtop and quality appliances.

Three spacious bedrooms located on the top floor and the master bedroom, that has the added luxury of an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe that is located on the ground floor, making it peaceful and private. With the bonus of a games room as well as an office, this home has been designed to suit all. Triple car garage and an art studio for the family artist to enjoy. With so much to offer and located so centrally this home is something, you will truly appreciate.


So, give Joon Lee a call now on 021 1122770 to make this your home!

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