신디케이션 (부동산 상업용 소액 투자기회)-1만불부터 5만불사이투자!!

davidhan 0 571 2019.08.07 20:46
부동산 주소

베드룸 및 화장실
No bedrooms, No bathroom
Floor area
Land area
Asking price $10,000

David Han 데이빗  (021-4989-24) 

부동산 경력 20!! 부동산 관련모든 문제들을  최선을 다해서 해결해 드립니다. 

부동산매매  투자관련 모든 무료상담 24시간 환영합니다.

Bayleys Commercial North Shore (Kakao talk: david8255) 

Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Investment and Business sales

D +64 9 489 0976| M +64 21 498 924| F +64 9 489 0990 | www.bayleys.co.nz  



Bayleys is New Zealand’s largest full-service national real estate agency offering integrated, professional services across all property sectors throughout the country.

Established as a specialist commercial and industrial agency in the early 1970s, this remains the cornerstone of our business. We operate in a family-founded and values-based corporate environment that demands integrity, excellence and innovation. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Noticing the reservations that some smaller investors had about the significant outlay involved in direct property investment and having all their investment capital tied up in one property, Bayleys established the Syndication and Investment Products division in 2003.


The market has evolved significantly over the past 16 years. The first syndication marketed by Bayleys Real Estate raised $1.85 million of investors’ equity. In recent times the equity raise has exceeded $100 million in a multi-asset fund offering, and $250 million over one year.

We are very particular about the type and quality of the syndicated properties that we market and have only aligned ourselves with those with the same values. We are the sole selling agents for one of New Zealand’s leading and largest property fund managers, Augusta.


상업용 커며셜 부동산건물에 대한 소액투자펀드를 구매하여 매달 높은 배당금을 지급받고 소유펀드를 매각할 경우에 양도차액을 기대할 있는 소액 펀드 투자 부동산 매물!!

큰건물을 구입할경우 상당히 많은 자금이 필요한 것을 소액투자자들의 펀드를 조성하여 개의 부동산 종목별 지역별로 구분하여 바이어가 좋아하는 펀드에 투자하면 투자전문펀드관리회사에서 부동산에 매입 개발,운영 매매를 통하여 발생한 모든 이익과 배당금을  월별로 소액투자자에게 돌려줌으로서  소액으로 높은 수익율을 발생시킬수 있는 신디케이션 (연합투자그룹) 대하여 소개를 보기로 한다.


소액으로 향후 유망한 지역의 황금 노른자위의 상업용 부동산을 최소 투자금액 1만불에서 5만불을 한구좌로 하여 다양하게 바이어가 선택하여 투자할수있다.  더구나 뉴질랜드 최고의 베이레이즈와 부동산 개발전문회사인  AUGUSTA COMPANY 오랜기간동안 성공적인 투자의 모델과 과거의 사례를 통하여 안심하고 투자할 있는 부동산 소액 투자의 한방법으로 펀드 투자를 적극적으로 소개해 본다.




Bayleys Real Estate and Augusta have a long standing relationship with the key parties in the management on both sides transacting property together for over 20 years. Since 2014 Bayleys have exclusively acted as the sole selling agents for all Augusta investment opportunities.


Augusta Capital Limited is an NZX listed property funds manager that was established by its Managing Director Mark Francis in 2001. Their property funds management arm, Augusta Funds Management Limited has assets under management of circa $1.8 billion across 74+ properties in New Zealand and Australia. They are conservative in their views with a focus on sustainability of return and growing the value of the assets.

Augusta Funds Management (the Manager) was the first specialist property fund manager to receive a license under the Financial Markets Conduct Act in 2016 as a Manager of Managed Investment Schemes. +As at 26 June 2019


Provides investors access to premium, high yielding commercial and industrial property offerings with minimum investments usually ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 and returns paid monthly.

상업용 산업용 부동산 건물투자 절호의 기회

최소 투자금액 : 만불에서 5만불사이 (소액투자)

매월 배당금지급  투자 부동산 양도차액 기대가능

This type of property ownership, commonly referred to as ‘syndication’ is a relatively easy and straightforward way for investors to participate in the ownership of institutional grade properties at an entry level price. Both investments in single asset structures and fund structures (comprising of more than one property) can be bought through Bayleys. Investment amounts range from the minimum $10,000 - $50,000 to the millions.

Investors’ funds are pooled and they become investment partners in good buildings and good tenants. The properties are fully managed on behalf of the investors with cash returns distributed monthly into the investors’ bank account.

Many investors choose to benefit from diversification through investing in properties in various locations (throughout New Zealand and Australia) and differing property types i.e. retail, commercial and industrial, along with different tenant profiles.



Over the past 16 years Bayleys Syndication and Investment Products division has managed the marketing and successful sell down of over 60 syndications across New Zealand and Australia with a total property value in excess of $1.6 billion. Over that time we have raised nearly $1 billion of investors’ equity. We have a wide variety of investors from all across New Zealand, ranging from those who invest the minimum amount to those who invest several million dollars.

A small selection of some recent investment opportunities (all now fully subscribed) are shown below.


11. 96 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland

996 St Georges Bay Road is a brand new, 5 green star design rated, premium grade office complex located in central Auckland with long leases to well-known tenants.             Constructed by one of New Zealand’s leading property developers, the

award winning Mansons TCLM Limited, the property comprises four levels of office accommodation and three ground floor retail premises.


The property is Xero Limited’s new Auckland base. This market leading cloud 

accounting software company has a 12 year lease with rights of renewal until 2042

supported by a bank guarantee. Other major tenants, both with 10 year leases are

Harrison Grierson, a well regarded engineering consultancy, and Independent Liquor 

NZ Limited, a member of the multi-national Asahi Group Holdings Limited.


Minimum Investment $50,000 / Purchase Price $116 million/Current Pre-Tax Return* 7.0%

2. Augusta Industrial Fund Limited 


Augusta Industrial is a limited liability company that was established in April 2018 as an

open-ended, unlisted property fund. Its purpose is to provide investors with the opportunity

to invest in a portfolio of strategically selected industrial assets that provide both tenant and

location diversification within this strongly performing sector of the New Zealand

property market.


Initially consisting of four properties, the original $75 million share offer in 2018 (Stage 1.0)

was oversubscribed with many investors missing out. By 2019 these original assets grew in

value from $114.07 to $121.64 million. In March 2019 a further five assets were added to

 the portfolio through a $115 million equity raise (Stage 2.0), which was again



The 47 tenants across three cities provided 99% occupancy at the time of the offer. These

included global and multinational names such as Toll, Downer, Linfox, Fujitsu and Fletcher

Steel along with well-known national tenants such as Macpac, Pacific Steel and Icepak (Hall’s

Group). A key objective of Augusta Industrial is to deliver a sustainable and stable income

return paid to investors monthly, along with the potential for capital growth. Augusta

industrial may look to list on the NZX main board in the future**.


Minimum Investment $10,000

Purchase Price (Stage 1.0 Assets) $114.07 million

Purchase Price (Stage 2.0 Assets) $173.82 million

Current Pre-Tax Return* 6.5%



David Han 데이빗  (021-4989-24) 

부동산 경력 20!! 부동산 관련모든 문제들을  최선을 다해서 해결해 드립니다. 

부동산매매  투자관련 모든 무료상담 24시간 환영합니다.

Bayleys Commercial North Shore (Kakao talk: david8255) 

Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Investment and Business sales

D +64 9 489 0976| M +64 21 498 924| F +64 9 489 0990 | www.bayleys.co.nz  

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House| Yong| ​장 용 석Residential SalesRo… 더보기
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3248 트리플 칼리지 존
House| 써니채| https://www.barfoot.co.nz… 더보기
조회 851
2019.08.21 (수) 16:47
3247 (SOLD) Westlake 스쿨존, 저렴한 2베드+Study 웨더보드 …
House| Barfoot강환수| 안녕하세요. Barfoor & Thom… 더보기
조회 1,418
2019.08.21 (수) 15:26
3246 Very good Investment opportunity !!!
Commercial| davidhan| David Han데이빗한(021-4989-24… 더보기
조회 792
2019.08.20 (화) 13:17
3245 데이빗한의 부동산 추천매물
Commercial| davidhan| David Han데이빗한(021-4989-24… 더보기
조회 823
2019.08.19 (월) 16:03
3244 해밀턴 부동산 매물
House| thunder| Built by a Master Builder… 더보기
조회 340
2019.08.19 (월) 12:58