NZ Basic Fishing | Boat Fishing | Softbaiting for big kahawai

NZ Basic Fishing | Boat Fishing | Softbaiting for big kahawai

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낚시를 즐기는 피터황씨, 그는 현재 나이 23세로 한국에서 태어났지만 20년 이상 뉴질랜드에서 살고 있습니다. 한국어보다 영어가 더 편한 세대인 피터 황씨는 자신이 즐기는 낚시를 영상에 담아  유튜브에 공유, 다른 이들에게 소개하고 있습니다.       

영어권 사람들이 더 많이 방문하는 그의 유튜브 채널에는 낚시에 대한 다양한 정보들이 있습니다.   
그의 영상은 뉴질랜드에서의 낚시 이야기가 생생하게 담겨 있으며, 때로는 낚시를 처음 시작하는 사람들에게 도움되는 길잡이 역할을 하기도 합니다.    


뉴질랜드의 멋진 자연 속에서 즐기는 낚시, 피터황씨의 NZ Basic Fishing​ 영상에서 만나보십시오. 


Hello and welcome to another episode of Basic_Fishing. In this video, Steve invited me out on his boat again where we were hoping to get into some good fish out in the East Coast bay. The 1st time I went on his boat was when we did the boat test and we trolled for kahawai for a very short time which was fun nevertheless but this time we were able to do some proper fishing on his boat. The conditions were perfect and the day was stunning on the water. We were using baits as well as softbaits but mostly we hoped to get into a range of species on the baits but unfortunately none of the fish were interested with the baits and therefore I decided to try my luck with softbaits. I had never used softbaits off the boat before so I was unsure whether I will catch or not but had fun trying. In the end after berleying constantly, the fish turned up and most of the fish were caught on softbaits. We used Z-Man softies and thanks to my trout fishing experience as well as using lures on freshwater, I was able to use the softbaits with no problem at all and I had so much fun catching big kahawai on light tackle which was a new experience for me. We caught some decent sized kahawai as well as a small snapper and gurnard which were both released unharmed. Had so much fun fishing on the boat that was close around the city of Auckland and I look forward to my next fishing trip.

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Music: By Andreas B.