More than 21,000 doses of vaccine given yesterday; 91 people in hospital & 7 in ICU; 222 community cases; 1 death

More than 21,000 doses of vaccine given yesterday; 91 people in hospit…

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There were 21,442 first and second vaccine doses administered yesterday, made up of 7,764 first doses and 13,678 second doses. To date, 90% of New Zealanders have had their first dose and 81% are fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccine update  

  • Total first and second vaccines administered to date (percentage of eligible people): 7,233,783: 3,806,051 first doses (90%); 3,427,732 second doses (81%)
  • Total first and second vaccines administered yesterday: 21,442: 7,764 first doses; 13,678 second doses
  • Māori (percentage of eligible people): 790,847; 440,732 first doses (77%); 350,115 second doses (61%)
  • Pacific Peoples (percentage of eligible people): 472,636: 253,329 first doses (88%); 219,307 second doses (76%)
  • Total first and second vaccines administered to Auckland residents yesterday: 5,220: 1,584 first doses; 3,636 second doses

Vaccination rates by DHB (with active cases)  

  • Northland DHB (percentage of eligible people): 249,110; 133,430 first doses (83%); 115,680 second doses (72%)
  • Auckland metro DHBs (percentage of eligible people): 2,563,224; 1,331,444 first doses (93%); 1,231,780 second doses (86%)
  • Waikato DHB (percentage of eligible people): 600,549; 318,170 first doses (89%); 282,379 second doses (79%)
  • Taranaki DHB (percentage of eligible people): 166,810: 89,393 first doses (88%); 77,417 second doses (76%)
  • Canterbury DHB (percentage of eligible people): 848,028: 451,514 first doses (94%); 396,514 second doses (82%)
  • Lakes DHB (percentage of eligible people): 149,435: 79,896 first doses (85%); 69,539 second doses (74%)
  • MidCentral DHB (percentage of eligible people): 256,418: 135,925 first doses (89%); 120,493 second doses (79%)
  • Wairarapa DHB (percentage of eligible people): 69,606: 37,037 first doses (89%); 32,569 second doses (79%)


  • Cases in hospital: 91 (up from 90 yesterday – includes 5 cases being assessed); North Shore (23); Middlemore (23); Auckland (38); Waitakere (3); Whangarei (1); *Waikato (3)
  • Vaccination status of current hospitalisations (Northern Region wards only; excludes people still being assessed and the Waikato case): Unvaccinated or not eligible (50 cases / 61%); partially vaccinated<14 days (8 cases / 10%) partially vaccinated >14 days (11 cases / 13 %); fully vaccinated <14 days (3 cases / 4%) fully vaccinated >14 days (8 cases / 10%); unknown (3 cases / 4%)
  • Average age of current hospitalisations: 48
  • Cases in ICU or HDU: Seven


  • Number of new community cases: 222
  • Number of new cases identified at the border: No cases
  • Location of new community cases: Auckland (197), Waikato (20), Northland (1), **Wairarapa (2), ***Lakes (2)
  • Location of community cases (total): Auckland 5,626 (2,001 of whom have recovered); Northland 47 (15 of whom have recovered); Waikato 260 (90 of whom have recovered); Lakes 8; Taranaki 6; MidCentral 2; Wairarapa 2; Wellington 17 (all of whom have recovered);
  • Nelson/Marlborough 1 (who has recovered); Canterbury 4 (3 of whom have recovered),
  • Number of community cases (total): 5,973 (in current community outbreak)
  • Confirmed cases (total): 8,726
  • Historical cases: 194 out of 6,914 cases since 1 January
  • Cases infectious in the community: 54 of 163 cases reported yesterday have exposure events
  • Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infectious: 109 of 163 cases reported yesterday have no exposure events
  • Cases epidemiologically linked: 135 of today’s 222 cases
  • Cases to be epidemiologically linked: 87 of today’s 222 cases
  • Cases epidemiologically linked (total): 4,609 (in the current cluster) (866 unlinked from the past 14 days)


  • Number of active contacts being managed (total):: 5,680
  • Percentage who have received an outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements): 72%
  • Percentage who have returned at least one result: 53%

Locations of interest  

  • Locations of interest (total): 93 (as at 10am 16 November)


  • Number of tests (total): 4,505,129
  • Number of tests total (last 24 hours): 21,673
  • Tests processed in Auckland (last 24 hours): 14,488
  • Tests rolling average (last 7 days): 27,072
  • Testing centres in Auckland: 18


  • Wastewater detections: There are no new unexpected detections

NZ COVID Tracer  

  • Registered users (total): 3,369,913
  • Poster scans (total): 507,418,510
  • Manual diary entries (total): 20,196,998
  • Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday: 2,391,217

* Two of the Waikato hospitalisations included in this update were notified after the Ministry’s 9am cut off time.

** This includes the first Wairarapa case announced yesterday.

*** This includes the fourth Taupo case announced yesterday.

Death of a patient in their 70s

Sadly, today we are reporting the COVID-19-related death of a patient at Auckland City Hospital.

The patient, who was in their late-70s, was admitted to hospital on 11 November and subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.

Our thoughts are with the patient’s whānau and friends at this deeply sad time.

We would also like to acknowledge the team at Auckland City Hospital and all health care workers for their continued hard work and dedication.

Today’s cases

Today we are reporting new cases in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Taupo and the Wairarapa.

Public health officials are currently investigating a common link between cases reported in Taupo, Tararua and Masterton.


There is one new case being included in Northland’s case numbers today. The case is currently in Auckland but has a residential address in Northland. This case is linked to another case within the same household.

One person remains in Whangārei Hospital in a stable condition.

There were 1059 swabs taken throughout Northland yesterday.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, even if they are mild and they are vaccinated, is urged to get tested. Testing locations in Northland can be found on the Northland DHB website.

There were also 968 people vaccinated in Northland yesterday, including 396 first doses and 556 second doses.

Vaccination centres open in Northland today can be found on the Northland DHB website

Auckland update

Today, there are 197 cases to report in Auckland.

There are 18 community testing centres available for testing across Auckland today. The testing centres at Northcote, Balmoral, Wiri and Ôtara continue to operate extended hours to increase access to testing.

We are continuing to urge anyone in Auckland who is displaying any symptoms, no matter how mild, to get tested - even if they are vaccinated - and remain isolated until they return a negative result.

Public health staff are now supporting 4,416 people to isolate at home around Auckland - this includes 2,023 cases.

Edmonton Meadows Care Home update

Twenty-one residents and four staff members of Edmonton Meadows Care Home in Henderson have tested positive since the start of the outbreak.

Five of the residents who tested positive for COVID-19 are receiving appropriate ward-level care at Auckland hospitals.  

Waikato update 

There were 20 new cases confirmed in Waikato overnight. Nine of the cases were from Ōtorohanga, seven from Hamilton, one from Te Awamutu, one from Te Kuiti, and two are awaiting confirmation.

Of the cases, 12 were known contacts already in isolation and a further two have now been linked. Investigations into the remaining six are underway today.

There are three people currently receiving care for COVID-19 at Waikato Hospital, including two who were transferred from the community isolation facility last night. Public health staff in the Waikato region are now supporting 338 people to isolate at home, including 92 cases and 246 contacts.

There are eight dedicated testing centres operating today across Waikato with sites at Huntly, Ōtorohanga, Te Kuiti, Thames, and Hamilton. There were 3,218 tests processed yesterday and 1,827 vaccinations given.

Lakes update

Today we are reporting two cases of COVID-19 in the Lakes DHB region.

One of these cases is a Taupô case which was first announced by the Ministry yesterday. It is officially being added to today’s numbers.

The second case also lives in Taupō and is a close contact of another case. All cases in Taupō are linked.

We are encouraging anyone with COVID-19 related symptoms in the region to get tested. Testing is available today in Rotorua and Taupō. Please check the Healthpoint website for details.

Yesterday, 1016 tests were carried out across the region and 1026 doses of vaccine administered, including 549 first doses and 465 second doses.

Across the region, 79,896 of people have had at least one dose of vaccine and 69,539 have had two doses.

MidCentral update

There are no new cases in MidCentral to report today.  

The two confirmed cases in remain in isolation in the same household.

The Ministry is continuing to encourage testing for anyone with mild symptoms of COVID-19 in Tararua and ask people to check the locations on interest on the Ministry of Health’s website.

Testing remains strong across the region and there are a number of locations available today. For more information, please go to Healthpoint and check out Midcentral DHB Facebook page.

Yesterday, 747 tests were carried out across MidCentral.

Yesterday, 1196 vaccines were administered across the region. For a full list of vaccination centres in the MidCentral region, please visit Healthpoint 


Wairarapa update

Today we are formally reporting two cases in Wairarapa – one of which we first announced yesterday.

Both cases are based in Masterton and are currently in isolation. These cases were identified through targeted testing as part of follow-up of a visit to Masterton by one of the Taupô cases on the weekend of 6 and 7 November.

Public health staff are continuing to investigate links to known cases.

People in Wairarapa are advised to check the Ministry’s website for any locations of interest and if they have symptoms, even if they are mild and they are vaccinated, get a free COVID-19 test at your nearest medical practice. Please check the Healthpoint website for details.

As investigations continue, additional locations of interest at sites in Wairarapa will be added to the Ministry of Health’s webpage if they are identified.

Yesterday, 511 tests were carried out across the region.

Across the region, 36,873 of eligible people have had at least one dose of vaccine and 32,393 have had two doses.

Wairarapa is only 247 doses away from seeing 90 percent of its eligible population having had their first dose of vaccine.

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