Traffic Survey Field Installer

Traffic Survey Field Installer

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Traffic Survey Field Installer (casual employment)

Company Name: Matrix Traffic and Transport Data Ltd.

Matrix Traffic and Transport Data specialises in traffic surveys, research, data collections and information analysis within the traffic and transport field. The objective of Matrix is to provide quality traffic survey information and advice for the public, private and business sectors. Traffic surveys include pedestrian counts, speed surveys, parking survey, intersection counters and automatic traffic counters.
Due to ongoing growth, Matrix is seeking a Traffic Survey Field installer to join our NZ team. You will be required to drive to different locations installing road side traffic equipment, which includes but is not limited to; ATC's, Bluetooth devices, noise loggers and video cameras. The work requires precision, problem solving skills and independent thinking. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our company culture, which fosters independent thinking, career development opportunities and innovation.
Duties & Responsibilities
• Accurate and precise installation of various roadside traffic equipment
• Monitoring equipment functionality and replace faulty/broken equipment when necessary
• Report all road side traffic equipment related issues to supervisor
• Ensure installation is carried out according to mapping and instructions by supervisor
• Ensure that all equipment is tracking or recording required sources (vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.) and collected appropriately on job completion
• Carrying out quality assurance on collected survey data, including that the video recording is not interrupted by sunlight, rain, fog, etc and that ATC data isn't faulty due to various reason
• Adherence to workplace health & safety regulations, through completing QA sheets and SWMS correctly with attention to detail


Benefits at Matrix
• Flexible working times & arrangements available
• Practical and hands on work experience
• Above award rate renumeration rates ($23/hr)
    (*Note: $20/h is applied during training period for about 3 months)
• Opportunities to fast track career development in a supportive environment


Qualification Requirements
• Have a full NZ driver’s licence with your own vehicle
• Be available a minimum of 20 hours per week
• Must have work rights in New Zealand
• Have a good grasp of health and safety awareness


Working conditions
The job requires outdoor work in a busy traffic environment on a regular basis. The work will take place during the day and night, with regular work during the week with occasional weekend work. Overnight stays are possible if the work required is in a rural or interstate location (allowances provided).
You will receive full on the job training including traffic control certificate issued by NZTA, travel allowance and vehicle allowance. The laptop and mobile phone will be provided after the completion of training.  


If this sounds like a role suitable to you, please email your CV and brief description about why you are suitable for the role to


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