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St George의 생활영어- Driving to the ski field

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Driving to the ski field

Ivy: Look out the window, there has been a fresh snowfall overnight!
Ivy: 창 밖을 보세요, 밤새 새로 폭설이 내렸어요!

Joe: Oh, the slopes are going to be pumping today, we should head off right away!
Joe: 오, 오늘은 스키장이 사람들로 붐비겠어요, 지금 당장 가는게 좋겠어요!

Ivy: Don’t forget to pack the chains; the road is bound to be icy.
Ivy: 체인 다는 것을 잊지 말아요, 길이 얼었을 거에요.

Joe: Let’s go. I can’t wait to hit the slopes. It’s going to be a great day!
Joe: 갑시다, 스키장 가는 것을 더 못기다리겠어요, 굉장한 하루가 될거에요!

Ivy: Which ski field shall we go to, Whakapapa or Turoa?
Ivy: 어느 스키장으로 갈건가요, 와카파파인가요 아니면 투로아?

Joe: Let’s go to Turoa since its closer, and it won’t be as crowded.
Joe: 가까운 투로아로 가죠, 거긴 붐비지 않을 거에요.

Ivy: Please drive carefully Joe, it’s really slippery! You need to slow right down when the conditions are like this.
Ivy: 운전 조심해요 조이, 길이 정말 미끄러워요. 이런 상황일땐 속도를 낮출 필요가 있어요.

Joe: Yes, you’re right. Better to be safe than sorry.
Joe: 그래요, 당신이 옳아요. 당연하죠.

Ivy: I think we should stop and put the chains on now. It’s only going to get worse from here on in.
Ivy: 내 생각엔 지금 차를 세우고 체인을 다는 게 좋겠어요. 여기부터는 더 안좋아질거에요.

Joe: Look over there! There’s the cabin that we stayed at last year, with that Swiss couple. They were such a hoot!
Joe: 저길 봐요! 우리가 작년에 스위스 커플이랑 묵었던 오두막이에요! 그들은 정말 유쾌한 사람들이었죠!

Ivy: Yes, pity about the blizzard though, we had to spend most of the holiday indoors.
Ivy: 맞아요, 안타깝게도 눈보라가 와서 우린 휴일 대부분을 실내에서 보내야했지만요.

Joe: Oh well, it looks as if we’ll be able to make up for it this time!
Joe: 음, 이번에는 그걸 만회할 수 있을것 같아보이네요!

slopes / ski slopes - the snow covered hills that are good for skiing on. 스키장 슬로프, 눈으로 덮인 언덕
pumping – (slang) busy, full of people, full of activity. 바쁜, 붐비는
E.g. “The party was already pumping when she arrived”. 그녀가 도착했을때 그 파티는 이미 사람들로 붐비고 있었다.
head off – leave, get going. 떠나다, 향하다
E.g. “It’s getting late, I’m going to head off”. 늦을거야, 가고 있어.
chains – special chains that you clip into the wheels of your car, so that it can grip the road better and won’t slide on the ice. 미끄러짐을 방지하기 위해 자동차 바퀴에 다는 체인.
bound to be – surely will be, guaranteed to be. 확신하는, 보장하는 E.g. “The Food Show is bound to attract a lot of people” 푸드쇼가 많은 사람들을 끌거라고 확신하다.
hit – In this context it is a slang term meaning “go to” or “get to”. 가다.
E.g. “I really need some new jeans, so I think I might hit the mall this weekend”. 난 정말 새 바지가 필요해, 그래서 이번주에 쇼핑몰에 갈거야.
“Hit the track” or “hit the road” are popular phrases meaning to leave / depart.
Better to be safe than sorry – This is a popular saying. The meaning is obvious. 명백한, 당연한
Whakapapa & Turoa – 와카파파 & 투로아, 루아페후 산에 있는 주요 스키장 이름These are the names of the two main ski fields on Mt. Ruapehu, a volcano located in the Central Plateau of the North Island.
from here on in – from now on. 지금부터
cabin – chalet, lodge, hut 오두막, 객실
a hoot – a lot of fun, entertaining, amusing. 재밌는, 유쾌한
blizzard – snow storm, whiteout. 눈보라

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