Auckland CBD Sushi Shop hiring

Macrob 0 351 2018.09.12 21:22
업체 이름
city sushi

Based on experience
021 620201
잡 타이틀
Sushi roll maker

Sushi maker needed, busy Sushi shop in CBD, we want someone who can work in a fast paced environment. Can work under pressure and a quick learner. 

Work experience is important in Sushi making or related work experience, main job duty includes but not limit to Sushi making, food and ingredients, dishes preparation, and help other staff when they are busy, working time starts early morning 7am, time length could be 6 - 7 hours each day, Monday to Friday.


Text us your visa status, age, gender, and what area you live 

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 플러스 광고

Total Cleaning & Total Paint
cleaning, painting, 카펫크리닝, 페인팅, 물 청소, 토탈 크리닝 T. 0800157111
오클랜드 중국문화원
오클랜드의 한 장소에서 10년 이상의 전통을 가진 중국어 전문어학원 410 - 6313 T. 09-410-6313

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