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Direct from the prestigious Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris and in Liverpool,  The New Zealand Dance Company proudly presents one of its most sought after and celebrated programmes – Lumina, touring to all new venues around New Zealand this May.


Restaging the anthology programme, which was first performed to critical acclaim in 2015 and enjoyed sold out seasons and standing ovations in Aotearoa, Germany, and the Holland Dance Festival, Lumina will return home from Paris and the UK, with the programme making debut performances in Hamilton (Gallagher Playhouse, Friday 4th), Christchurch (Isaac Theatre Royal, Thursday 10th) and Nelson (Theatre Royal, Monday 14th) and Auckland (Bruce Mason Centre, Wednesday 23rd May).


Set to a visceral and charismatic soundscape, and complimented by bespoke AV and light design, Lumina reveals the depth and vivacious energy of the dynamic talent involved. Artistic director Shona McCullagh tasked her team to use the connective force of light to bring together three incomparable pieces of contemporary dance from some of the finest choreographers New Zealand has ever produced.

“I’ve always had a great love for the integration of image and movement and so with Lumina, I commissioned three choreographers and their creative teams to consider this intersection along with light and sound. What resulted is an immersive triple bill that has enthralled audiences around the world from New Zealand to some of the most prestigious dance festivals and theatres in Europe. I’m thrilled we will be sharing this very special programme across more regions in Aotearoa and allowing our Auckland home base another opportunity to experience its magic,” says Shona McCullagh.


The programme features the bold, loud, high-energy Brouhaha from decorated local choreographer Malia Johnston, and her long standing creative partners, composer Eden Mulholland and AV Designer Rowan Pierce. Providing a vivid reflection of the traces left behind in the Māori ritual of encounter, In Transit is the moving work of Māori choreographer Louise Potiki Bryant and composer/AV designer Paddy Free (Pitch Black). Completing the programme is the company’s first international commission in co-production with the Holland Dance Festival, The Geography of an Archipelago. Created by Stephen Shropshire (USA/Holland) in collaboration with composer Chris O’Connor (The Phoenix Foundation), the work brings together trio of dancers to explore the emotions that accompany exile and belonging. With powerful design by Kasia Pol (set and costume) and Jo Kilgour (lighting), the programme is The New Zealand Dance Company’s most sought after season to date.


 “a tour de force of dance, music and light
Francesca Horsley (
DANZ – Auckland, 2015)

Lumina will feature six of The New Zealand Dance Company’s most impressive performers: Carl Tolentino, Chrissy Kokiri, Katie Rudd, Xin Ji, Bree Timms, and Eddie Elliot. Delighting audiences with a festival version of the programme at WOMAD and SPLORE in 2017, this regional run of performances will offer the complete show to all new audiences.  


The New Zealand Dance Company will tour Lumina direct from the standing ovations of their New Zealand Festival and Auckland Arts Festival presentations of Michael Parmenter's OrphEus - a dance opera. Taking Lumina to new European centres is a milestone for the Company, having been invited by the Artistic Director of the Théâtre National de Chaillot to stage Lumina as the first New Zealand work performed at the iconic theatre in the heart of Paris.

 “…three works that combine the best of contemporary dance with new expressions, digital but classical, and modern at the same time.” 
Thomas Hag, (
Neuss Grevenbroicher Zeitung – Germany, 2016)



The New Zealand Dance Company presents 



Watch the trailer for Lumina on YouTube







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